Lunch Talk #27: Indonesian Higher Education under the Administrative Regime

You are invited to join the Lunch Talk #27 at the Faculty of Education, UIII

Rakhmat Hidayat, Ph.D. (Lecturer at State University of Jakarta) will share about: “Indonesian Higher Education under the Administrative Regime”.

This talk aims to explain the problems and complexities of bureaucratic administration in Indonesian higher education. The dominance of bureaucratic administration in the university governance system put Indonesian academics under the control of the administrative regime. The controversy over the administrative burden relates to the management of academic careers in Indonesia. In addition to having to fulfil a layered role in accordance with the Tri Dharma, academics in Indonesia have to face pressure and administrative burdens such as mandates letter (surat tugas), documentation, and reports. Even long before the latest rules appeared above, lecturers were obliged to upload the documents to many different information systems. However, more than just an administrative burden issue, it also comes from the tradition of government intervention in Indonesian higher education governance. The complexity of the bureaucracy associated with the reloading of faculty performance data is an iceberg phenomenon (fenomena gunung es) of higher education governance problems in Indonesia that is still dominated by government and bureaucratic practices.
On the other hand, in the context of knowledge production, the complexity of bureaucracy and administration in higher education has resulted in procedural and energy-consuming. Administrative processes are often considered more essential than the core of the question and the purpose of knowledge itself. Administrative bureaucracy controls science and academic life. Everything has to be lived with a long and exhausting administration. Science is underneath it. Even the lecturers who were supposed to be free-thinking scientists, must and are accustomed to undergoing complicated non-scientific procedures. Bureaucracy and administration have always held control of research, institutional development, and international networks.

Day/Date: Monday/March 18, 2024
Time: 13.00-14.30 WIB
Place: Theater, Faculty A Building

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