Guest Lecture: Managing Progress of Literature Review Work

Managing the progress of a literature review involves several key steps. Begin by clearly defining the research question and objectives to guide your review. Next, systematically search for relevant literature using academic databases and other sources. As a researcher gather journal articles, books, and other sources, organize them using citation/reference management software. Develop a strategy for critically analyzing each source, noting key findings, methodologies, and limitations. Synthesize the information to identify themes, trends, and gaps in the literature. Regularly assess your own progress and adjust the approach as needed. Consider setting milestones or deadlines to keep yourself on track. Collaborate with peers or mentors for feedback and support. Finally, document your progress and any insights gained throughout the process. Effective management ensures a comprehensive and cohesive literature review that contributes meaningfully to your research. Dr Naning will explain and provides tips doing it, based on her experiences and insights.