Guest Lecture: Literature Review: Latest Tools and Methods

In the era of information technology, literature review has very impresive tools and methods availabe to be used by researchers. Recent advancements in research tools and methods have significantly enhanced the landscape of literature review processes. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, several software platforms offer efficient literature searches by analyzing text patterns and citation networks. Natural language processing techniques assist in summarizing and categorizing vast amounts of literature. Collaborative platforms such as Mendeley and Zotero, reference management software, facilitate seamless organization and sharing of references among researchers. Additionally, visualization tools like VOSviewer enable the exploration of citation networks, uncovering emerging trends and key research clusters. Incorporating these tools and methods streamlines the literature review process, providing researchers with comprehensive insights and accelerating the pace of knowledge discovery across various domains. This guest lecture informs more about that, present by Dr Donnie Adams from University of Melbourne, Australia.