UIII faculty of education students, lecturers and staff is buzzing with excitement as we gather for a ramadan breakfasting on Tuesday, 2 April 2024. This vibrant event brings together everyone to share the latest updates about ‘annual conference’ that to be held on end of May 2024, ‘graduate forum and student colloquium’ that will be conducted early of July 2024, as well as introduce two scholars in residence fellow to our students. Some international students from Gambia, the Philipines, Pakistan and Thailand share their experience about fasting in Indonesia and reflect to their country of origin’s custom during ramadan.


Q & A Session

Karamo (MA Student) from Gambia


Sarah (MA Student) from the Philipines


Khizer Hayat (MA Student) from Pakistan


Insof Waeji (MA Student) from Thailand


Indulge in a delectable spread of breakfasting menu in our iftar: various traditional cake and soto (Indonesian chicken soup).