The Rasch model is a powerful tool in measurement theory, particularly in educational and psychological assessments as well as for business research. It provides a framework for understanding how individuals respond to items on a scale and how these responses relate to their underlying ability or trait. In a guest lecture on the Rasch model, key points would include its fundamental principles, such as the requirement of item independence and the concept of person and item parameters. Additionally, discussing practical applications, such as test development, item analysis, and person ability in the context of business research, would be valuable. It’s important to address common misconceptions and challenges in implementing the Rasch model, along with strategies for interpretation and validation. Demonstrating its versatility in business research, like customer satifcation, employee motivation, consumer product choice or market research, would highlight its broad utility. Overall, this guest lecture aims to equip participants with a foundational understanding and practical insights into utilizing the Rasch model effectively. The guest lecturer conducted on 2nd May 2024 at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara building in Serpong, Tangerang, which master of technology management, faculty of business  students attended the lecture.