Faculty of Education UIII’s course evaluations serve as valuable feedback mechanisms from  students to express their opinions on the quality of teaching, course content, and overall learning experience they had in a semester. The students got the opportunity twice in a semester to give their assessment about the course, in the middle of semester as well as in the end of semester.  These evaluations typically consist of structured questions (close ended with rating scale) and also open-ended comments, allowing students to rate aspects such as instructor effectiveness, course organization, clarity of materials, and relevance to learning objectives. They provide instructors with insights into their teaching methods and areas for improvement, in the four dimension which are: Course Materials and Structure, Course Delivery, Learning Assessment, Lecturer’s Connection and Encouragement, Student Engagement and Involvement, and General / Overall Rating. Moreover, course evaluations aid universities in assessing the effectiveness of their academic programs and identifying areas for enhancement. By soliciting student feedback, the faculty can continuously refine their courses to meet the evolving needs of students and maintain high standards of education. Ultimately, course evaluations play a crucial role in fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement within our faculty and university.